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Barry Anthology Released!

Plus bonus extract from the 'Illuminati Cookbook'

Barry Anthology Released!

Hello all my friends!

I am writing from an undisclosed location because the forces of darkness are closing in! I’d love to tell you where I am but any clues would lead to my death. Loose lips sink ships!

Talking of ships, for many of you my news will mean your ship has truly come in. On Facebook many have been asking me where they can find previous copies of The Barry Chronicles for a price everyone likes best - free

Well get ready to be HAPPY.

Because for one week only starting tomorrow 27th March 2018 all 6 books of the award winning The Barry Chronicles will be available for FREE in one package - The Barry Anthology Vol One

PLUS There’s an extra special bonus - an excerpt from my companion Joe’s, upcoming recipe book, ‘The Illuminati Cookbook’ .

Joe has been with the Illuminated ones for centuries working as an assassin so knows all their nutritional secrets.

And if there is one thing the super secret ones are serious about, apart from manipulating the world to their own nefarious ends, is diet. Some of the recipes will change how you think about life and are inexpensive to boot.


So CLICK HERE to download your FREE copy The Barry Anthology Vol One Plus The Illuminati Cookbook


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