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An Easy to Understand Warning

Maybe this will get through even your boneheaded skull Barry

An Easy to Understand Warning


Despite countless warnings you don't seem to have realised the gravity of your situation.

Many of us are for wiping you, and the memory of your existence, from the annals of history

But the illuminati is a kind organisation so we'd thought we'd present your hopeless current predicament in an easy to understand infographic. 

Have a look, study it and get back to us.

You know you can't win so the sooner you give up (any WH Smiths will be able to process your surrender) the better for you, us and all of humanity. 


The Illuminati

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  • Ivan - retired butler now living in Monaco

    Ivan - retired butler now living in Monaco

    • 16 February 2018 at 16:04
    • #

    This infographic will be available on a T-shirt or a nice coffee mug from April. Available in your local WHSmith or any outlet displaying the Illuminati PayPoint symbol.


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