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Oh deary deary me my life is so hard

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Free Download!!!


Just a quick post to let you know that 'The Collection'  — all ten books of The Barry Chronicles in one amazing volume — is available for FREE from Amazon Kindle store for a limited time.

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Bye for now. 

Incredible New Book, 'The Collection' Released Today!

At Last! All Ten Of The Incredible 'Barry Chronicles' In One Volume!!!

Incredible New Book, 'The Collection' Released Today!

Hello Friends,

I can’t tell you where I am right now but let’s just say, I’m about to embark on an out of this world trip of a lifetime!

Anyways I’ve had many, many emails asking me if I would put all ten of the incredible books of The Barry Chronicles into easy to buy collection.

So I have. And called it, rather imaginatively, ‘The Collection’

Now you can read all about my amazing adventures battling the evil illuminati alongside my companions Chris The Atlantean Dolphin and Joe the Robot Assassin.

I won’t spoil anyone who hasn’t had the good fortune to read it, but in one incident in this incident packed book of incidents, I get to fulfil the dreams of millions by killing Hitler.

I’ve made ‘The Collection’ available to download from the Amazon Kindle Store for only 1USD and in the next week or so will be, for a limited time only, giving it away for FREE!

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FIND OUT the TRUTH behind 'MILLIONAIRE BILLIONAIRE' Barry Derbyshire in the TENTH and FINAL book of The Barry Chronicles, 'Barry's End'

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ENDS Midnight PST July 6th 2018

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