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Give me the cash

Hey Barry, I read your reply to one of the beggars below about credit cards and how you hate them. I think you'll sympathise with my plight. i owe over 40,000 pounds on 6 credit cards. i can't make the minimum payments and the stress is beginning to make me ill. Could you please send me the 40K and i will send you my cut up cards as proof that i've stopped my spending. It's not as if i've anything to show for it-i've pissed it all up the wall trying to impress girls, i now realise are out of my league. Thanks jason

Please send money

Begging for money

Dear Barry,
My name is Billy Eaton, I am seven years old and I’m a very sick little boy. I’m not writing this myself, my grandmother is typing this because, as will become clear, I find it very difficult to hit the keys. But these are my words. I hope you can help. 
The reason I am ill is because I was born without a body. It doesn’t hurt, except when I try to breath, move my eyelids or play basketball. 
The doctors have tried to do all they can and they have made me an artificial body. But because we are so poor it is made out an Adidas sports bag filled with conkers. I hope you can send me some money so I can have a better artificial body. It will have to be soon as the conkers are beginning to rot and bring on Grandma’s asthma. 
If you can’t help could you forward my email to people who can help, but I trust you have a good heart and can see I am a good cause, it would make me so happy if I could finally have a body not made of the fruit of the horse chestnut tree. Perhaps something made of metal. Cash or cheque is acceptable.
Billy has worsened since I wrote this. He now has mildew on his zip. Please send the money quickly.


Begging for money


Dear barry,

Please read my letter with goodness in your heart

I used to work in an abbatoir processing cattle. I was the man who used the bolt gun. It was hard, but rewarding work and as a bonus you would get the best steaks on a Friday. I was happy and life was going well.

Then one day last November I slipped on some guts and fired the gun into my head. The bolt went straight into my brain. You can imagine what pain I was in but after two weeks thankfully I’d fully recovered.

But now everytime I go near electrical equipment such as the kettle or washing machine my head tingles and my eyes start to bulge and I hear a voice in my head telling me to “Get my ass to Mars” or “Give this people air”

I watched a movie entitled ‘Total recall’ the other night and I heard thses very words. I now need 15.99 to buy said movie to study it more closely to get to the bottom of my condition.

Please help.

Simon In Nuneaton


Begging for money

I am Sergent Idris Lawal (rtd). I heartily beg for your help. We were retired voluntarily by the commander in chief of armed forces of the country, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida during his tenure as president and commander in chief of the armed forces. Since then we have been living in the military barracks waiting for our benefits.
Some weeks ago fire gulped the armory section in the barracks and everywhere caught fire. The entire barracks exploded and many people lost their lives. The death toll was about 2000, while some were rendered homeless. Right now we have lost all we had, property, shelter, clothing, everything.
My wife and my two kids managed to survive,. Right now they are in the hospital. One of them needs surgery on her face. We have been advised by the hospital to pay the sum of N5,000,000.00(NAIRA) which is about US$50,000.00 to commence this operation. My inability to raise the said amount, keeps me in a state of frustration. We have access to computer. That is the only thing our government did for us.
I beg you in the name of GOD to kindly assist us with any amount of money to enable us to carry out this operation. Your assistance will highly be appreciated.
Please help us. God will bless you abundantly.
We await you response.
Sgt. Idris Lawal (rtd).

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