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New Book Today!

At last another instalment of my amazing time travelling adventure

New Book Today!

Hello all,

 Sorry for the radio silence but as you can guess travelling back into the past and confronting history’s greatest monster, Adolf Hitler, means that I haven’t had much time for book writing.

 But amid all the carnage I’ve found the time to complete Book Eight of the Amazing Barry Chronicles, Barry V Hitler Part Two and it is now available for download from the Amazon Kindle store.

 Buy it and learn what you thought you knew about world history has been a lie! (And also how Hitler was having an affair with a Berlin nightclub novelty act, Herman The German Merman) These are facts you will never learn at an educational institution!

 Click HERE to get your copy



The Architect of Doom


Beg Barry with Hitler

Hi Barry

My name is Thorn. I'm the cop that proved that Soylent Green is made out of people. I'm also a big fan of your books but the recent instalment regarding your time travelling abilities made me question your authenticity. I felt embarrassed that I had mentioned your work to friends and even recommended one of your books to my book club. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, and I have been dreading turning up on the 10th because I am certain I will face ridicule.

In my desperation to prove that you and Chris are real and that you really can travel back in time and hang out with Hitler, I have watched every documentary ever made about the evil Nazi tyrant frame by freakin' frame using the pause button on my Tivo remote and thank God I finally found you!

Here is a screenshot from 'Hitler: The Architect of Doom' that first aired on The History Channel in 1997. It famously shows Hitler in a crowd in front of the Munich Feldherrenhalle waving his hat to cheer the outbreak of the Great War. What most historians have failed to notice is the man in the white hat with a dolphin attached to his back. But there you are Barry. You and Chris as clear as day. Proof not only that you and Chris exist but also that time travel is very fucking real.

Can't wait for Tuesday now.

All the best


New Book Out Today!

My adventures continue in the amazing 'Barry Vs Hitler Part One'

New Book Out Today!

Hello all,

As you can imagine it's been an incredible few days but I've still had time to write my new instalment of 'The Barry Chronicles', 'Barry Vs Hitler Part One'

Yes, hard as it may seem to believe I've travelled back in time to WW2 Berlin and find myself at the heart of the Nazi War Machine. 

I won't spoil your enjoyment of 'Barry V Hitler Part One' anymore but there's no way that you can't be thrilled by this tale of one millionaire billionaire versus history's greatest monster. 

You can download a copy from Amazon Kindle store HERE








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