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Please send money

Begging for money

Dear Barry,
My name is Billy Eaton, I am seven years old and I’m a very sick little boy. I’m not writing this myself, my grandmother is typing this because, as will become clear, I find it very difficult to hit the keys. But these are my words. I hope you can help. 
The reason I am ill is because I was born without a body. It doesn’t hurt, except when I try to breath, move my eyelids or play basketball. 
The doctors have tried to do all they can and they have made me an artificial body. But because we are so poor it is made out an Adidas sports bag filled with conkers. I hope you can send me some money so I can have a better artificial body. It will have to be soon as the conkers are beginning to rot and bring on Grandma’s asthma. 
If you can’t help could you forward my email to people who can help, but I trust you have a good heart and can see I am a good cause, it would make me so happy if I could finally have a body not made of the fruit of the horse chestnut tree. Perhaps something made of metal. Cash or cheque is acceptable.
Billy has worsened since I wrote this. He now has mildew on his zip. Please send the money quickly.

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