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Who is have been long held outside wishing

I find one more five dollor item I beg to live inside for the week.

I love it out there, whois in there sitting down.

I walked out of the Hemet Bank with a newspaper blue cellophane wrapping a loan copy: Just as I let in I was let down, so since I was let out I returned a spitfire and calmly rode the seat accross the parking to see laid marble with etched names' Uninterested, the same names' I remembered a small rectangular sign that read EMergenCY.

The Bissle belonging to the landlords' ol tenet for Santa Monica laid it down to me that the garage is 'off limits! I pulled Bissel out into that side room to seal it befine,the first door.ere.

In betwwen is a piece of matching carpet that each carport car owner steps upon to go into the hallway stair well into a downstairs closet that's locked.

That piece of carpet had black oil all over. So I had to mix 1/3 degreeser with tap water all day long to complete begging barry you know.

So after that I placed the big Bissle with a find that I brought from behind Walmart, a couple miles,and blocked the back of the first door.

If my severe action did not gain this E-mail to give 500,000 sheiKles than I beg you barry for five hundred thousands Man.

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