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Some People!

Found myself at the Mall picking up some new Bose sound docks after Big Dave said I’d bought inferior ones. 

After my purchases I had a look around the mall-there were lots of kids with excited looks on their faces taking in the amazing range of gear they had in Toys R Us.

It brought back memories of my own childhood-we weren’t poor but they wasn’t much money for holiday season gifts. But it made me determined to make my fortune and now I have, through hard work and a large pie flavored slice of luck I’m wealthier than I could ever imagine.


But what good money if it can’t bring others happiness? It’s just paper, or exclusive plastic or gold or shares in amazingly successful companies. 

So you know what I did? It was a stupid spur of the moment decision but I grabbed a store assistant and told her to announce over the tannoy that I’d buy every kid in the store a present as long as it was under 100 dollars.

She thought I was crazy till I showed her my wallet stuffed full of 50s! But it all went sour when she asked if I was a sex fiddler and then she said it was against the safety rules and they wouldn’t do it in case there was a riot! What is wrong with people these days??? I can’t even give my money away!!!

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