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Amazing News!!

I’ve had some incredible adventures in my life as a millionaire billionaire but none so thrilling (not to mention insanely dangerous) as the one I am on now — being pursued across the world by the evil forces of the illuminati.

At times I’ve doubted my own sanity but with the help of Chris, my Dolphin companion from Atlantis I’ve managed to escape those after me, and slowly but surely I am getting towards the truth about myself and BegBarry.

I’ve also found time to update my adventures in The Barry Chronicles, a series critics have described as ‘Mind boggling’ and perhaps ‘The most important you will ever read’

Book Four in the Barry Chronicles, ‘Atlantis Rising’ is out now and available to download


Read it and FREE YOURSELF from the tyranny that has held back mankind for centuries!

More Soon

Barry Derbyshire (And Chris)

PS Whoever said 'Fear sharpens the mind' was absolutely right. I no longer feeling miserable about my massive fortune, a fact I put down to my near daily dalliances with DEATH


Free Kindle Download of 'Attack of The Future'

Hurry While Stocks Last!!!!!

Free Kindle Download of 'Attack of The Future'

A Quick reminder while I take a breather from dodging my illuminati pursuers to LET you know

that Book Three of The Barry Chronicles. 'Attack of The Future' is available FREE from today Feb 29th Through to Feb 24th 2018


Hurry, who knows when the powers that be will suppress the life changing knowledge of this book which critics are calling ‘The Most important Ever Written’

Over and Out


Attack of The Future Book Released!

New instalment of Barry's Brave Battle With the illuminati out today

Attack of The Future Book Released!


I must be quick!

I’ve written another amazing instalment of the incredible experiences myself and Chris, a Dolphin Lord of Atlantis are going through. “Attack of The Future’

I know you may hard to believe that I can write when I’m in near constant danger, but Chris has been helping and Siri voice recognition is frankly amazing.

In ‘Attack of The Future’ you will learn more about my past and how I am tirelessly fighting to overcome the cruel, heartless overlords of the illuminati

Download it HERE from the Amazon Kindle Store

one of you emailed me asking me why I never capitalize the ‘I’ in illuminati. I will reveal all later but suffice to say you should NEVER capitalize the 'I' in the ‘illuminati’.

Must go now, danger is everywhere.

Stay safe and remember to never to capitalise the ‘I’ when writing the word ‘illuminati’