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desire is not an occupation

wow this is all so stimulating! im reading how people interperate each other in this web site. some one types... then someone else reads and comes to the conclusion that from this post i know everyhting about people and how they tick. which not only gives me the authority to tell them what is right and wrong with them but to go as far as to speculate how they went wrong and what to do next. and on the other hand some people spend to much time defending them selves and not enough attacking the world.. but i also speculate what i know. most modern knowlege is taught to us through means of learning information and relating it with the world around us. wich i think draws speculation to how opinions tamper facts. for example the most of us would think on a moral level that murder is wrong. right, i do. but if the majority of people are killers. does that mean its right. idk most moral assumptions in the world has become a majority rule! i just think that instead of bitching at each other we should bitch about something that matters. because we can throw rocks and dirt at each other forever and all that will be left is those rocks and dirt................

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