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the high wire

Hi Barry,

This isn’t a beg more of a business proposal and if all goes to plan we can make a lotta of money!

But first a bit of background. I’m a trained trapeze artist with years of experience but the safety net has been torn to shreds in the circus market and I’m now looking to expand into tightrope walking.

I need to create a big splash so I can secure lucrative TV contracts/Gigs with various circuses/A show in Vegas (preferably the Wynn), so I figure a massive televised event, like David Blaine or David Copperfield do would be just the ticket.

Obviously no self respecting TV exec/Casino boss will take a chance on an unknown like me but if I bring an event to them, so big, so fantastically big, I KNOW they will have to take notice and sign me up.

So this is the plan. Prepare yourself because it’s a winner. Something that will have my name in lights for all time and you can be a part of it if want. You can

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