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hi Barry,

Last night i was out in my garden staring at the moon. I often do this to relax after a hard days work watching the sun.

Imagine my surprise when i saw the face of former Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin, appear on the surface of our nearest celestial neighbour.

Luckily i had my camera with me at the time (i was testing whether the flash would improve the growth rate of my lawn) and managed to get a shot off and capture this cosmological phenomena.

It's not too clear but if you look very closely you can see the hero of Stalingrad and Pearl Harbor splashed like german blood across the sea of tranquility.

Anyways, what i am asking for is some money for a telescope that has a picture taking function. It shouldn't cost much-say 20.000 and then we could get to the bottom of this baffling lunar mystery.



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