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I am Geoff, the Destroyer of Worlds

13 seconds to save the World

I am Geoff, the Destroyer of Worlds

Dear Barry

I am Geoff, the destroyer of worlds. Not sure if you remember me. I begged a big pile of cash from you back in 2011 to build a time machine so I could travel into the future. My plan was to mooch around a bit, check out how things turn out for the human race and then report back, hopefully with good news.

Well I am sorry to say that it is not good news, Barry, not good at all. I haven’t managed to build a time machine that will take me further than 13 seconds into the future. It works but obviously 13 seconds isn’t much time for me to get back and let the world know what is going to happen. In fact, it takes me a good 15 -20 minutes to get out of my contraption, have a shower and by then whatever I’ve discovered is all over Twitter anyway. 

I think it’s a power issue and the only solution would appear for me to build my own nuclear power facility - possibly 5 or 6 power stations all linked together to provide the necessary juice to get me far enough into the future to make a real difference.

I am close, Barry, so close. I’m also depressed and could do with a holiday.

Hope you can help

Kind regards

Geoff, the destroyer of worlds

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Comments (3)

  • barrysmillions


    • 20 February 2017 at 10:46
    • #

    Hi Geoff - sorry I don't remember you. I gave a lot of cash away in 2011. Most of it for various time machine projects - NONE OF WHICH HAVE WORKED. I'll send you some cash for a city break.

    All the best



    • Geoff, the destroyer of worlds

      Geoff, the destroyer of worlds

      • 20 February 2017 at 10:51
      • #

      Ta very much Barry. I quite fancy Prague. There is 50% off City Breaks if you book with Expedia.


  • Geoff


    • 13 December 2017 at 23:45
    • #

    How dare you steal my identity! Impudence!


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