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New Barry Chronicles Book Released! The Annunaki Conspiracy

Another Amazing True Recounting Of My Life On The Run

New Barry Chronicles Book Released! The Annunaki Conspiracy

I never thought of myself as a novelist, a millionaire billionaire comparable to George Soros, yes, novelist like the great James Patterson, No.

 But despite being hunted down by the evil forces of the Illuminati I’ve still found time to release the next instalment in the award winning The Barry Chronicles, the stunning, incredible The Annunaki Conspiracy.

 In it you will learn the amazing secret behind The Star Wars Franchise and read about how myself, Chris my dolphin companion and our new friend, Joe The illuminati death robot, meet one of the dreaded Annunaki. An ancient race obsessed with humans. 

 Download it from the Amazon Kindle store to your phone, tablet or e-reader, HERE

Free Atlantis Rising Book Offer Ends Today!!

Last Free Kindle Download Day Today Saturday March 3rd

Free Atlantis Rising Book Offer Ends Today!!

One thing rich people will never tell you but I, Barry Derbyshire, Millionaire Billionaire will is that we get a lot of stuff for free.

Brands always want us wearing their products because they think rich people wearing or using them will make poor people want them.

And it is true.

Let me give you an example: The Apple iphone was going nowhere till Steve Jobs gave  me a unit to show off around my oligarch friends.

They went for it like fish to water and pretty soon they were everywhere and the Job (s) was done.

I say all this because I want to give something back. Readers of this blog will know I am being pursued by evil forces.

While on the run with my dolphin companion Chris I’ve been writing ‘The Barry Chronicles’ , updating my adventures each week.

And each week I give away the copies for free on the Amazon Kindle Store for a week. Today is the last day for Book Three 'Atlantis Rising'  so hurry and click HERE to get your FREE copy.

Over and Out



Potential PayPoint Ambush

Peter is a small horse

Unicorn PayPoint Ambush

Hi Barry

Hope you are having a good day and the Illuminati haven't caught you yet. I'm a big fan of your books and have been following your plight with interest.

You see I was also asked to join the Illuminati and refused. At that time I was working on high-level USA/CIA government projects/plots the exact nature of which I can no longer remember. Or don't want to remember. I believe I was abducted and tortured and when I awoke the evil bastards had attached a unicorn to my back. At least I thought it was a unicorn. It turned out that my companion is a small white pony called Peter. The horn bit that made me believe he was a unicorn was, in fact, fake - put there as a joke to freak me out by my tormentors.

Since then I too have been on a quest to uncover the truth. Unfortunately, Peter has turned to drink and is a real hindrance, so I have put my search for answers on hold until Peter sorts his head out. I probably should have let him believe he was a unicorn.

I can, however, offer you some advice which may help you and Chris.

  1. Some people aren't real. Up to about 35% of the general population we encounter in our daily lives are actors.
  2. Roughly 5% of the above mentioned 35% are highly advanced AI robot/human hybrids and can run very fast and are very, very clever.
  3. I believe that up to 72% of what we see is a hologram and we have been born into a system that has nothing to do with reality and is, in fact, a form of slavery.
  4. Stay away from shops displaying the PayPoint sign. They are all traps, and most of the snacks on sale are dangerously out of date.
  5. The Nazis fled to America at the end of WWII and secretly took over the country with their friends the Communists - they're all in it together, Barry. Once the fascists, the commies, and the Illuminati joined forces that was it. GAME OVER for humanity. The world we live in now is an illusion, carefully constructed by the Illuminati to hide this fact and to keep themselves, and their totalitarian bum chums in charge. Just because they've done some good stuff like satellite TV and cheap burgers doesn't mean we should let them get away with it.

Do not fail Barry. Find them. Find the ones that did this to us and save the world.

Kind regards





Latest from my frontline adventures



Amazing News!!

I’ve had some incredible adventures in my life as a millionaire billionaire but none so thrilling (not to mention insanely dangerous) as the one I am on now — being pursued across the world by the evil forces of the illuminati.

At times I’ve doubted my own sanity but with the help of Chris, my Dolphin companion from Atlantis I’ve managed to escape those after me, and slowly but surely I am getting towards the truth about myself and BegBarry.

I’ve also found time to update my adventures in The Barry Chronicles, a series critics have described as ‘Mind boggling’ and perhaps ‘The most important you will ever read’

Book Four in the Barry Chronicles, ‘Atlantis Rising’ is out now and available to download


Read it and FREE YOURSELF from the tyranny that has held back mankind for centuries!

More Soon

Barry Derbyshire (And Chris)

PS Whoever said 'Fear sharpens the mind' was absolutely right. I no longer feeling miserable about my massive fortune, a fact I put down to my near daily dalliances with DEATH