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My name is Michelle


I'm 25 years old,single exotic dancer and recently had to sell my truck, to pay for a cast for my dog's leg.

I have been losing income as a direct result of the BP gulf coast oil spill.BP denied my claim.

Since the oil spill it has gotten worse and worse.Now I can barely pay my bills.So there is no hope for me to get a decent vehicle or even a down payment for a half way decent vehicle.

Please if you are real give me some money to get a car. P.S.If you are real and want to help people. I also have plans for my own business,so I wouldn't have to dance anymore.

Please help me.




desire is not an occupation

wow this is all so stimulating! im reading how people interperate each other in this web site. some one types... then someone else reads and comes to the conclusion that from this post i know everyhting about people and how they tick. which not only gives me the authority to tell them what is right and wrong with them but to go as far as to speculate how they went wrong and what to do next. and on the other hand some people spend to much time defending them selves and not enough attacking the world.. but i also speculate what i know. most modern knowlege is taught to us through means of learning information and relating it with the world around us. wich i think draws speculation to how opinions tamper facts. for example the most of us would think on a moral level that murder is wrong. right, i do. but if the majority of people are killers. does that mean its right. idk most moral assumptions in the world has become a majority rule! i just think that instead of bitching at each other we should bitch about something that matters. because we can throw rocks and dirt at each other forever and all that will be left is those rocks and dirt................


How can we rid the world from these pests.


Hi Barry,

I don't know about you but the cat problem where I live in Somerset has got beyond a joke.

I know it's the liberal thing these days to "claim" to love the furry little fuckers but in private everyone admits to loathing these flea ridden bastard spongers, right?

Well, I'd like to start a nationwide campaign to rid our society of these evil c*nts. Maybe name a day when it becomes socially acceptable to publicly execute as many of the little shits as we can get our hands on? A sort of cat armistice.

There must be about 15 of the sneaky little wankers on my street alone. If burnt the heat generated could significantly help to reduce the problem some of our older citizens are having in staying warm this winter.

Let's all just stop, take a look in the mirror and admit to ourselves that enough is enough. They have to go. Only last week I saw a cat defecating in my rear garden. This unruly behavior just cannot be allowed to continue.

So, come on. let's do something about this problem together, as a nation.


Anger Management Techniques

Dear Barry

as a child I was small and weak compared to other children in my local area and always I would get beaten.

When I was fifteen I joined the local boxing club because I was so sick of be beatings I received. That was 2 years ago. From the age of fifteen to seventeen I became bigger and stronger but my temper increased a thousand times and I would just go around beating people for fun and taking their money.

Then one day I was so out of control I beat the local policeman badly .I was arrested and had to be restrained in a straitjacket and taken to the local nut house for evaluation.

After many test the doctors realised that I had high level of steroids in my system and it turned out later that my trainer had been giving me in a special drink loaded with steroids. That was 4 weeks ago.

Once again I feel weak like the fifteen year old child I was, so am begging you Barry for two hundred pounds so I can get loaded on the roids and feel like a wild animal pulling the birds and beating the local sheep up.



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