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I'm Back!

New Book Facing Down Hitler!

I'm Back!

Hello all my dear friends,

I know I have been away for a while but it has been literally insane fighting the plans of the world controlling evil that is the illuminati

But knowing that you all are desperate to hear of mine and Chris' adventures I've found time to finish Book Nine of The Barry Chronicles,' Barry V Hitler Part Three'

You can download it HERE

Be CAREFUL though it contains information that will disturb your perception of reality. 

Over & Out






Free Kindle Download Starts Today!

Get Book Eight of The Barry Chronicles Free From Amazon Kindle Store

Free Kindle Download Starts Today!

Hello My Friends,

 I send a message from the past with amazing news — that Book Eight of the amazing Barry Chronicles ‘Barry V Hitler Part Two’ is now available FREE from the Amazon Kindle Store.


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New Book Today!

At last another instalment of my amazing time travelling adventure

New Book Today!

Hello all,

 Sorry for the radio silence but as you can guess travelling back into the past and confronting history’s greatest monster, Adolf Hitler, means that I haven’t had much time for book writing.

 But amid all the carnage I’ve found the time to complete Book Eight of the Amazing Barry Chronicles, Barry V Hitler Part Two and it is now available for download from the Amazon Kindle store.

 Buy it and learn what you thought you knew about world history has been a lie! (And also how Hitler was having an affair with a Berlin nightclub novelty act, Herman The German Merman) These are facts you will never learn at an educational institution!

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